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Branding, Logos and Graphic Design

A logo is your identity: who you are and what you represent. We design logos and come up with identity concepts and stories behind the logo concept. We believe that every logo should have meaning or tell an amazing story.


How We Did the Jobwaiters Logo

one million visitors

The "J" shape for the logo was a obvious choice for us. But then came the rest of the design.

Inspiration came from the actual name (Jobwaiters). Think of a restaurant setting: you come and sit at a table and then a "waiter" comes to take your order. The jobwaiters website works in a similar way: people sign up (place their orders) for jobs. The website finds, or "serves" jobs to them.

That concept led the way for the "J" to be in a suit like at a fine dining restaurant. Hence the logo!!!!!

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